UWG Greek Founders' 50th Reunion Tshirt order if ATTENDING
UWG Greek Founders' 50th Reunion Tshirt order if ATTENDING
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All Alpha Phi Rhos/Phi Mus from 1968-1974 are encouraged to attend this event.   If you were a member during any of those years, please join us to celebrate this important milestone in our lives and Greek Life at UWG.

We were the best, and still are today, so we want to STAND OUT IN THE CROWD.

Commemorative Tshirts for this 50th Reunion have been designed to show our Alpha Phi Rho /Phi Mu bond is still strong even now, which is PRICELESS, and they are available for you to purchase.  

If you will be attending the 50th Reunion, and would like to order a Tshirt, please use this order form. 

PRICES:  1 Tshirt = $25 + GA Sales Tax, or 2 Tshirts = $50 + GA Sales Tax at checkout.

The Tshirts ordered will be available for pick-up in Carrollton on March 9, so no shipping charge is necessary.  However, the software on my web site automatically adds shipping during checkout, and I can not over-ride that.  So to make the math work out, on this page the price is listed at $16.50, and during checkout the $8.50 for shipping will be added (but it's not really for shipping on this order).  Your total at checkout will = $25.00 + GA Sales Tax if you are ordering 1 shirt.  

Sisters attending are encouraged to wear our 50th Reunion Alpha Phi Rho/Phi Mu Tshirts during the day on Saturday.  

These white custom order Gildan Tshirts are made of ultra cotton and are available in sizes S to XXXL.  See our custom Tshirt design above.

All 50th Greek Founders' Alpha Phi Rho/Phi Mu Reunion Tshirts must be ordered online NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 5, 2018.  This is a One Time Only Special Order, and there will be no extra Tshirts sold at the Reunion - so you must order your Tshirt HERE.

Because these are Special Order, there will be no refunds or returns available.

If you have any problems or questions while placing your order, please contact Gail at gailsgifts@windstream.net.