Gail's Personalized Gifts, Inc. is a company that was created to assist all consumers in finding unique personalized gifts at reasonable prices. We are proud of the products we sell and know that you will be proud to give our products to your friends and family members.

We were born in the early 1950's, and were teenagers in the 1960's. It was very fashionable to have monogrammed and engraved items during those years, so that must be where we developed our love for personalized items. Since we had our daughters in the early 1980's, we have spent a lot of time (and a lot of money) buying personalized items for them. We discovered during their high school years, college years, and now that they are gorgeous adult women and mothers that monogrammed and engraved items are still very "in".

We have always treasured gifts that we received that were personalized, so when we were shopping for special gifts to give to others we would try to find the perfect gift that we could have personalized for them. It would often become very frustrating to find the items we wanted to purchase. We would have to spend a lot of time driving from store to store to find what we were looking for - and usually what we did find was too expensive.

In 2005, we discovered items produced by our current vendors/factories, and we actually purchased many of their products at full suggested retail price because they made such terrific gifts. We were so impressed with these items that we wanted to share them with you, so we started our company, Gail's Personalized Gifts, Inc., to make your shopping for quality personalized items easier.

Now you can order personalized items using your computer or cell phone without leaving your home or office - and have them delivered right to your door - or ship the gift directly to the person you are giving it to. It can't get much easier than that!

And if you have a question or need help placing your order, you can CALL GAIL (678-410-4340) or EMAIL GAIL (gailsgifts@windstream.net).  Not many business owners give out their personal contact information!!!

Thanks for visiting our web site, and we hope to do business with you soon!

Gail and Bennet Aiken