Personalizing our products is optional, but a personalized gift is one that will always be treasured.

If you do not wish to personalize an item, choose "No" in response to "Do you wish to personalize this item?"

Our standard engraving charge is $8 - $12 per piece (a pair of earrings would be one piece). If you choose to also engrave the back of the piece, that would be considered a separate piece ($8 charge for the front and another $8 for the back).

Hand engraving costs $35 per piece. We have our highly skilled master engraver do this and each piece is hand chiseled.

Laser engraving is $8 - $15 per piece. We can engrave custom logos, but the price will be quoted at the time of the order.

Embroidery charges are $8 - $15 per item. Please see each product page for the charge for that item.

A digitizing fee is required for custom logos. This fee will be quoted at the time of the order.

All crystal and embroidered items will be personalized as they are shown in the photograph.

MONOGRAMS (adding initials to an item)

An Interlocking Monogram is normally used for females, but can also be used for married couples.

Curlz, Diamond, Monogram 2, Script and Sydney fonts are good font choices for an individual or a married couple. For an individual's monogram, the correct format is the first name initial on the left, the second name initial on the right, and the initial for the last name in the center. For a married couple, the wife's first name initial goes on the left side, the husband's first name initial goes on the right side, and the shared last name initial goes in the center.

With both the Interlocking and Round Monograms, the last name will be the largest letter in the center.

The Round Monogram can be used for both males and females.

The Block Monogram (normally the male monogram) will appear First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name in all caps.

Most of our font choices shown below may be used when adding embroidered initials to an item.


Cursive lettering is for full names, dates, or written text.

The font choices used when adding an embroidered name are: Block, Curlz, Cursive and Victorian.

Available Fonts*
*Not all fonts are available on all products.