#Graduate, You Should Know
Hey #graduate, we are so excited for you! We know you are on cruise control these last few weeks of school... that's okay, we were too. Yes, I know we are getting older but we're not so removed that we don't remember those days! Take a few thoughts from someone older and wiser (supposedly wiser anyhow) as you move on to life's next chapter: � Have Fun! It won't seem like it now but the next 4 years will fly by. Enjoy yourself! We want to hear about your new, exciting experiences. � #RepsAreEarned - Yes, have fun... but your reputation is earned. Honor your name, your family and your community. Respect yourself and make decisions so others will respect you as well. � #HaveFaith! College is tough. Classes are difficult and everything is new. Change can be really hard. Hang in there and have faith. You will find your place! � Call Home - Yes, we know you'll be busy. Whether it's going to class or having fun will be the question! Regardless, call home. Your mom wants to know all is well! Now we're off to plan your graduation party! Be good! Check back for future blogs... we'd love to hear from you. Moms, we have lots of graduation present ideas! Contact us for custom orders.
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