Briarwood Class of 1969 50th Reunion Tervis Tumblers & Mugs
Briarwood Class of 1969 50th Reunion Tervis Tumblers & Mugs
Front of 16 oz. mugText on the front and back of mug for unique birthday giftPicture inserted in mug16 oz. tumbler with text on both sides (but could be picture on 1 side and text on the other)24 oz. Tumblers with picture in front and text on the backPicture of grandchildren inserted on front side of 24 oz. Tervis Tumbler (Papa's birthday gift)Text added to the back of the 24 oz. tumbler (Papa's birthday gift)
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The Briarwood High School Class of 1969 50th Reunion Tervis Tumblers and Mugs make great keepsakes!

Tervis Tumblers
*will keep your cold drinks colder
*will keep your hot drinks hotter
*will reduce condensation
*will prevent rings
*are shatterproof
*dishwasher top shelf and microwave safe

Our BHS 50th Reunion Tervis Tumblers & Mugs are available in the following sizes:
single 16 oz. tumbler = $20.00
single 16 oz. mug with handle = $20.00
single 24 oz. tumbler = $23.00

A black travel lid is included with each tumbler or mug.

The prices listed above include the tumbler or mug with the school logo on the front.

On the back will be:                   BRIARWOOD
                                                  HIGH SCHOOL
                                                 CLASS OF 1969
                                                 50TH REUNION

The picture of the logo and the vinyl personalization on the back will be inserted between the 2 layers of the tumblers/mugs during production at the Tervis factory. Then your product is sealed around the top to give it that great Tervis guarantee.

These personalized tumblers are made just for you and therefore considered Special Order, so they are non-refundable. Please allow up to 10 business days for in-house production on your "special order" + shipping time to you.

Sales Tax and your shipping charge will be added on at checkout.

(You may want to use this same idea for gifts you need for Christmas, Birthdays, Teacher Gifts, Anniversaries, Mother and Father's Day - or any occasion where you want your gift to be unique, but also one they can really use and will want to show off.  Businesses often order them with their company logo or patch inserted to give out at trade shows or for Christmas gifts for their customers. Email me at if you need ideas!) 

Are you a Grandmother or Grandfather with a unique grandparent name (like GG) that you can never find in a store?  Email me so we can take care of that!

I have added pictures of other custom Tervis orders to show you some examples of what I can help you with.

Thanks for your support!!!  Gail